Day 0: So You’ve Decided To Start A Blog…

An anticipatory announcement to the interweb,

Eric is going to Europe, and uh-oh, word around the office is that he’s going to take the blogosphere by storm and accidentally impregnate your cyber world with tons of funny story babies. Yeah I hear there will be pictures too. Boom.

I haven’t looked into seeing if this is true or not, but I’m about 95% sure that I am the first person to ever do a travel blog, and you know what? I have no problem being a pioneer.

I know what you’re thinking. Eric, what does this mean exactly? Oh, I don’t know let me think… Here are a few examples of what I imagine will make it to this page:

  • Instagramm’d pictures of beautiful naked French women baking fresh bread in an old-style victorian brick oven? I bet that happens like all the time over there. Check.
  • The story of that time me an Russel Crowe got into a barroom brawl over who could do a better Arnold Schwarzenegger impression? Yeah, I know he’s Australian, and being in Europe doesn’t make much sense but shit…it’s Europe. Most things over there don’t make sense. Anyways, Check.
  • A daily behind-the-scenes journal of my new British punk rock band’s rise to fame and the downward spiral of sex, drugs, and debauchery that complemented my adopted rock-and-roll lifestyle? If I decide to let you in on the secrets… Check

But on a serious note, I hope you guys actually enjoy reading this cuss-riddled, picture infused diary of my experiences abroad. I’ll try and keep posts short and sweet, funny and interesting, and limit it to things I think are cool enough to post. No pictures of food, or me fake leaning against the tower of Pisa. Ok I take it back there may be a picture of me fake leaning against the tower of Pisa.


PS: To all future employers who dig this up years from now: I was young and stupid, and have learned from all of my mistakes. In fact I would say they have made me stronger. Let’s move on and talk about signing bonuses.

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