Day 1 – A Change Of Style

So last night I’m packing my bags with all the clothes that I’m going to bring to Europe; I’m throwing in t-shirts, gym shorts, sweat pants… pretty much what I bring to college every year. But then my mom walks in looks at my perfect clothing selections and out of nowhere freaks out, demanding that I can’t bring all my awesomely comfortable gear, because I would look “too American.” Like she thinks that’s a legitimate issue, looking too American.

Like how is that a bad thing? Listen, there’s a reason we’re the best country in the world mom, other countries want to be us – I took history classes in high school, I would know. So why should I try to blend in, when I can – nay, should – stand out? I think if I walked around Europe in my bro American clothes, all the preppy European’s will automatically recognize me for my natural Western greatness and want to be friends, right? Like I’ll definitely have British father’s sprinting out of their flats begging me to marry daughters’, and CEO’s offering me full-time jobs, in hopes that one day I might invite them back with me to the Land of Opportunity. “Yeah I personally know Snooki, and I love to wear sweatpants in public! USA! USA! USA! ‘MERICA!”

But anyway, after spending my first full day in London I can say that mom was right. It is very formal. VERY FORMAL. I saw more fedoras today than at any Jason Mraz concert, and everybody after 6pm throws on a scarf. Yes, a scarf. It’s 70 degrees outside.

Nobody wears gym shorts in public either. No sweatshirts, no sweat pants, not even really any nike dri-fit style T’s. Well newsflash, that’s about 97% of my wardrobe. Pretty much everything I own is made of some stretchy comfort fabric and says “University of Rochester” on it. AND NOBODY WEARS YOGA PANTS OR BASEBALL HATS! Well sorry, but that’s where I draw the line. No baseball hats? I’m not even sure what I look like without a baseball hat on.  And depriving the public of the #4 invention of all time – Yoga Pants – is just a slap in the face to the bros who invented them

Just some cultural differences, I’m truthfully having a blast, and people are really cool and friendly. All of my flat mates are super nice – but I’ll touch on that at a later date.

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