Day 4: Early Observations

Today was the perfect day, 75 degrees and sunny. We decided as a group (well, all of us but one who stayed back) that we wanted to take advantage of the weather and go out and explore London – during the day – with no plans. We just wanted to go out, walk in no particular direction, and see where we end up. We walked for almost 5 hours.

The following are some things I observed on our journey:

  • There are absolutely no crappy cars. Literally zero American made cars, or pickup trucks either. Everything on the road is either a bicycle, moped, tiny car (Smart car, Mini Cooper, Fiat) or Luxury sedan. I’d say about 60% of the cars on the road are made by Mercedes-Benz or Audi, and they are probably the cheapest ones you’ll see too. It is not uncommon to see Rolls-Royce’s, Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s, and other $100,000+ “motor cars.”
  • I’ve touched on the style already, but it’s honestly the thing that stands out the most. So many people rocking fedoras, vests, tight pants, strange shoes, and interesting haircuts – even older adults. I would be nervous that I might start dressing this way eventually, but I’m pretty sure that nothing here comes in my size, as the average height here is about 5’5″
  • For a large, highly populated city, everything is extremely clean. Some places actually remind me of Times Square in NYC, except cleaner, and classier. There are no trash cans in public either. After doing a quick Google search, I guess it’s because it used to be a popular place for terrorists to put bombs. Instead there are tons of hired street cleaners keeping everything spotless at all times.
  • This clock was pretty cool. Like definitely one of the top 5 coolest clocks I’ve ever seen. Keeps time like a boss. There was a name for it I think.
  • Our study abroad group is pretttttyyy diverse. And by diverse I mean awesome. Everyone is a blast.
  • Dressing in black face can be socially acceptable, and even hilarious sometimes.
  • Table tennis isn’t easy when you have to play the wind.
  • There are statues of EVERYTHING. If it was important ever, there is a giant statue somewhere representing it. I saw a Freddy Mercury statue, a Jimi Hendrix statue, and another dedicated to “all the animals that have sacrificed their lives during war.” I’m hoping that maybe I can set a record for longest breath ever held, or something, so that maybe I can be immortalized in stone.
  • There are buses EVERYWHERE.
  • Lastly, there are no fat people. Lots of skinny people and nobody is overly obese, stuffing face with KFC like you see in the US. My guess is it’s because everybody here walks everywhere, and food is so expensive. That or because skinny jeans don’t look good when you’re pushing 300.

PS: According to some of the guys, at lunch when we were leaving the restaurant that we ate at I said “Thank You” with a British accent to the waitress. I didn’t mean to do it, and I didn’t realize I did it. So frightening.

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