Day 6: Let’s Get Cultural

Throw the sweater over that button up. Put that drink down. It’s time to get classy and see some culture.  Ok you can bring the drink.

We went to the British Museum today, and my body went through what I can only guess is total nerd overload. Just unbelievable.

I know what most of you are thinking. In fact I wouldn’t be surprise if most people X’d out of this blog once they saw the word ‘museum’ and went back to Facebook creeping…  “Oh nice it’s another really old painting, who cares! Oh look, there’s a 300 year old spoon, yawn. Oh, that giant rock is in the shape of a half person/half eagle!? Excuse me while I go throw up from excitement!”

Couldn’t be more wrong. This museum was unlike any I have ever been to before, and after getting home, I did some quick research. It turns out the British Museum is actually recognized and ranked in the top 3 of the best museums worldwide. Well, there’s a reason.

First thing – you walk into this place and just freeze. There’s buildings within the building and the roof is entirely patterned glass. Rooms inside of rooms inside of rooms. It’s the Inception of museums.

This place is filled with human history from Ancient Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Europe, Asia, and more. Famous artifacts too. I’m no history buff by any means, and recognized names and pieces.

Today I saw the Rosetta Stone – the rock that inspired the software that inspired millions of people to learn other languages poorly.

The mummy of Cleopatra. My go to joke as a kid: “Who was the fattest queen of Egypt? CleoFATra!” – Money then, still money now.

The WORLDS FIRST BEER FUNNEL. We’ve been using plastic like assholes this whole time when we could be binge drinking from mammoth tusks like kings!

And a ton of other wildly amazing historical artifacts that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

I also engaged in the worlds oldest fist bump, and got to practice some of my poses for the inevitable day when the sculptor comes knocking at my door. From the looks it, I probably better get working on my abs.

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