Day 10: Let’s Play A Game

Today we went to the Tower of London. It was a good time, not the most amazing place I’ve ever been, but there was a lot of interesting history, and I got to cross it off my “places to see in England” list.

The killer of the whole trip was that we were there for 4.5 hours, most of which was spent standing in lines moving at a snails pace to look at really old jewelry. It was packed. It is one of the bigger tourist attractions, split pretty evenly between both Americans and English alike. Those that I came with were much more into the tours than I was (most of them are poli-sci or history majors), and this stuff was their jam, so I didn’t want to ruin their good time by being a whiner, so I just went with the flow and stayed quiet. Instead, during this time of self-thought, I created a game:

How to guess if someone is American or English without them having to say a word.

The answer? Just look at their feet. You can tell an American from an Englishman (and vice versa) by their footwear. Allow me to illuminate:




USA! USA! British 3 year olds would even refuse to wear these.

American, again. Especially the untied laces part.

Starting to get tougher. If you said an American trying to blend in with the Europeans, then you’re a natural, and I’m impressed.

British, trying to dress American. Probably also wearing a Brett Favre Jets jersey.

If you said a tall, dark, funny, handsome American exchange student then you’ve got a gift.

Doesn’t matter, who cares. What’s your name love?

Not too tough. And probably like 70% accurate.

PS: Totally random, but this might be the rarest spotting of all time. A Bills fan in Europe. Considering there are only like 15 in the United States outside of Upstate New York. Amazing.

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