Day 12: The (Last) First Day of School

It’s that time again, that bittersweet time.

The first day of classes were today, and I don’t care what the weather people say, you can speak your equinox-this and solstice-that mumbo jumbo all you want, but the first day that my cheeks are reunited with an uncomfortable desk chair marks the official end of summer. These last 75 days without work or school were more than great, don’t get me wrong, but the start of school is a nice way of saying “Hey liver, I know our relationship has been a little unfavorable for you lately, but I promise I’ll make a conscious effort to try and be a better friend for the next couple of months.” So that will be nice. Right?

Good news though. My professor’s here speak English! Clear, beautiful, unadulterated English. I’ve had like two professors in the past 3 years at UR that don’t have a terrible, butchered accent of some kind. I’ve even had an professor who was off-the-boat Russian teach an English class. Such a joke. I swear, it’s almost like the teachers here in London are here to teach, not for some other agenda – go figure.

Sitting in class today, listening to my British professor speaking the kings with a silky smooth accent was just too entertaining. Kind of like watching a David Attenborough Planet Earth Documentary, where he was making even the most boring subjects sound fascinating, “The Morgan Freeman Effect,” if you want to call it that. Picture me just sitting at my desk taking notes; “CORPORATE FINANCE, ALL RIGHT! ANNUITIES! PRESENT VALUES! HELL YEAH! PREACH PROFESSAH’, PREACH!”

They do, however, take attendance. Uh, what? What is this middle school? I thought Europe was supposed to be progressive. Where is the faith, London? What’s that, is Eric here? Uh, that’s a clown question, bro. I’ve become accustom to my 4-day weekends back home, and I don’t think I’m ready to give that comfort up so quickly, even if you do have some golden pipes.

An even bigger bummer – my class schedule is two classes on Monday, and two classes on Friday. You don’t have to be a senior to know that a Mon/Fri setup is a bush league, rookie mistake. Those are prime traveling days too, so it’s inevitable that I’m gonna miss some classes… hope they cut me some slack there because I have priorities, and seeing the world ranks just a tiiiiiiny bit higher on the to-do list than go to class.

Sidenote: The walk to class is about .7 miles each way. For now I’m enjoying the exercise, but that’s gonna get pretty old pretty fast I’m sure. Once it starts getting cold that stroll is going to quickly become a hike.

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