Day 37-40: Taking Over Europe: Barcelona




La gente esta muy loca indeed!

Well….. I chose the wrong country to study abroad in. Zero doubt in my mind. Seriously, just watch that video.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons that make Barcelona a power city.

Delicious Food. The food in Barcelona is ridiculous, especially compared to food in London. London food isn’t in the same league with Barcelona; hell, it isn’t even playing the same game. If I had to give a fair, unbiased, visual comparison of the two, it would be something like this:

British cuisine isn’t worthy of being fed to the dogs of Barcelona. Fresh tapas. Heaping plates of paella with delicious seafood. All for CHEAP. Finally buying food is affordable again. You can eat like a king for so little – simply incredible.

Beautiful Beaches. Granted it is late October, and by the time we had gotten there it was starting to get dark – so people weren’t exactly laying out in the sun, or going for a dip, but if you google pictures, you will se that the beaches look incredible in the daylight. Plus these beaches are nude-accessible, so you might get a glimpse of some beauties like this if you’re lucky:

THE DRINKS – I forgot what good wine tastes like. Every alcohol in London is overly priced through the roof. The only affordable drink in London is wine, and the cheap stuff is beyond repulsive. That being said, I could live off of fresh spanish-made sangria for the rest of my life. Delicious isn’t even a fair description. Especially when it comes in 5 Litres tubs. This sangria pre-game made for one very fun, crazy, and interesting night… I think:

The Nightlife. Refer to the video above.

Beautiful Women. The women are gorgeous. Noticeably. Everywhere you go. Plus I can’t tell you how many times I would see a stone cold 10 with a dumpy, average-looking guy. So many times. It gives hope to us all. There’s a reason rated Barcelona the second best city in the world to live for men, and I’ll give you a hint; it’s not because of all the cool buildings. But, speaking of which…

The only real issue was the language barrier. I have a couple years of high school and college spanish under my belt so I was pretty confident entering the country. What I didn’t realize is that everything was in catalan, which isn’t spanish at all. It’s like a french/spanish/portuguese hybrid or something. Everything is written in it, and for me, it might as well have been in Chinese. Luckily, most everyone can speak either spanish or english, so I was able to communicate with nearly everyone I met. That’s the other thing – everyone was so nice. From cab drivers, to shop owners, to strangers on the street. Nobody ever acted like an asshole when you’d ask for directions or help, or when they realized your spanish wasn’t perfectly fluent. Just a really awesome city.

Barcelona we will meet again, that is a promise.

PS: Went to the Picasso museum. Him being famous is the biggest scam of all time. The walls in that museum look like my family refrigerator circa 1996. Bush league bro, put some effort into it.

Next week is Rome, Florence, and Tuscany. So Italy – let’s see what you got. The bar has just been raised.

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